The First Truth

The World by another God.

This is the world created by another God. This is the truth. Nothing less nothing more. Around The Earth we can see only evil. Everything what is going on here is inspirited by money, envy, dishonesty, imbecility, psychopathy and much, much more….

I discovered an another World. My World is created by a different  God. My God is called The Super Creator. In fact he is the only one. Compare it to our Earth, there are lots of Gods, for example Muslim’s God, Christian’s God, Asian’s God. These Gods are big and powerful. There are also a massive quantity of small ones. These all Gods created the Earth firstly before thinking forward. When they did it they started thinking. The question was, what did we do? But it was too late to improve. Everything what was built immediately was destroyed by creatures that live there.

In my World there is only ONE God. I don’t know if that is good or bad. But I know one thing. This is absolutely The Most Important Thing. My God is different than I have ever known.

Somebody can ask me what is the first thing different ? I can tell you! I don’t know. But there is a difference. Someday The Super Creator decided to create an another Word. He saw Earth, he also saw a lot of planets outside the Solar System. He watched the Mars,  the Venus and he looked at Jupiter as well. But creating a death planet isn’t very inspiring. Because my God is The Super Creator he decided to create The World with creatures.

To be continued…

The First Truth continues…


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