The First Truth continues…

As you know now The Super Creator made a new world. You are probably interested where this world is. It is not that easy to explain. However I can try to.

If you look at the sky at night and turn your gaze straight to constellation Perseus where you can see the biggest star; called Mirfak by humans. I mentioned this star because the world created by Super Creator is after this star. Distance from Earth to the New World is 756 light years. In Baogen’s scale it is about 10 minutes journey. Baogen scale is the God measure scale. One unit of Baogen scale consists 520 ly. And for your information you can cover the distance of one unit by a Space Eater in ten minutes so it is not too far.

My World was created not long time ago so there was no time for development. The Super Creator knew that and after thinking he made a very nice and very useful globe. If you have ever been on the Earth it is a very likely that my world could be in your favour. Around the globe you can see two continents. Each one is a very big land. North-West continent and South-East one. The North-West reaches North Pole and The South-East reaches South-Pole. Each continent has a lot of forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and of course plains. In comparison to the Earth where is only one sun this one has two suns. First sun, the biggest sun is giving the light of the day. His energy is strong enough to bring heat to warm up the planet surface and enough bright light to make all things visible without any additional devices. The second star is much, much smaller and its light has a blue colour. This one is giving the light of the night. It’s glow has a very nice blue light with quite warm rays. This is an effect to be reached by combining from reflection lights of first star and of the little ones. An additional feature of its light is having (at night) difference of colour than in the day. For example red colour has changed in dark purple colour, real blue colour in the day is a modification on dark green colour at night but green colour is a variation of navy colour. It all together composes a very nice scenery.  Any stranger who is invited this planet are excited and inspired by its structure.  So if you’ll want to get to my World you have to use two kinds of conveyance. One it is of course the Space Eater (a very fast form of  transport as you know now) but it is very probable that you don’t have it. Don’t be worried, you can use another one – your imagination, very powerful and very useful  mean. I am sure when you join us you’ll never regret your decision.

The rest of the planet surface is covered by ocean. Ocean – is similar like on the Earth. Super Creator made the ocean of sweet water. In fact around my World you don’t have salt water. All kinds of water are enough density to keep your body on the surface. If you’ll want to explore underwater you should use additional weight.

Time to present what kind of living creatures are living there….

…. in next part….

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