The Second Truth

A long, long time ago during a next Gods meeting twenty three Gods took up a resolution to create another Solar system with planets circling around one star. But you have to know that creating the next solar system in the immense Universe isn’t easy. To create it even God must have a special plan. This plan has to have plenty information in it. The specifications must include a location where the new Solar system God wants to see, how many planets the new project will have. Will any planet have a moon? How many moons? Will any planet have live creatures? And much, much more. In fact it must describe every last detail. When work is done there will be no way to improve it. For your information if you don’t know yet, any God can create whatever He wants, but only in the beginning phase. Any solar system, any planet and everything what is common with it after creation starts to go with your life. As you can see that isn’t easy and it is taking a lot of years of very hard work. This was a reason why twenty three Gods were involved in it. But on the other hand they were all very lazy Gods and they wanted to have finished their work very quickly so they divided this gigantic amount of work between themselves.

When twenty three Gods were half of work through they began to argue with each other and they never agreed together.

The thing is that when the Gods created Earth, they forgot to add a very important thing inside the globe. They didn’t put a molten metal core in the centre of the globe. This mistake was very fatal. Without this huge core gravitation force on the surface of the earth was very weak and any plant didn’t have restriction when growing up, so they were very huge and very high. If you would see Earth at this moment you could peer on gigantic trees, unbelievable plants some over 35 feet high. Animals became very big as well. Everywhere you could see many kinds of them with their unexpected huge bodies. Some animals were almost 46 feet high. When Gods took notice what happened it was too late to do something with it. As you know even God can’t improve anything when the work is done. Twenty three Gods didn’t know what to do. But they had to do something. They called their congregation and after two years’ discussions they still didn’t have a solution. One God was very impatient; when next two years’ passed without any result he wasn’t able to bare more unproductive talk so he took a huge piece of metal and tossed it with huge impact towards Earth. His intention was to destroy Earth in his rage but he took a piece too small or his strength was not enough. Nobody knows. When this huge missile reached the surface of the Earth it dug in our globe into the centre. I forgot to mention that this bullet had a huge rotational force. The additional effect of this action Earth had gotten more mass and its gravitation became as we know now. As you probably assumed that was the reason why every gigantic animal we call dinosaurs today stopped to exist. Does it sound weird or not? If you want you can read about it in scientific periodicals.

For the end of this part of my blog I invite you to a discussion. What do you think, what is the second truth is after you read this part of our story?

The first truth continuesThe Second Truth


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