Can you see what I see? War is too close! Read it, please!


Dear Mr. Vladimir Putin,
Usually people start letters with a  presentation of what the writer wants to get. I start my letter with wishing  you a happy new year Mr. Putin. And don’t forget it will be the year 2015. I am writing to you this letter because I am very worried about the future of mankind. It is very likely that my voice will be unheard but I can’t stay away and watch what can happen in the
future.  From my point of view you are the leader of the Russian Federation, aren’t you? As the leader you are responsible to give the best conditions to live and develop for your people. As the leader you are responsible for any military action in your country. As the leader you are responsible to grow your country. If you aren’t the leader of your people you must be a man under the influence of anyone else. I don’t see any other reasons why you are doing, what are you doing. Your country is going into bankruptcy and your people start to live in poverty. Your country is leading very aggressive military actions and world compares you to Adolf Hitler and current situation anyone can compare to the period before the II world war. Do you feel insulted at the moment Mr. Putin? If your answer is yes, that’s good. It means that you don’t agree with what is said about you, and that means you should see wrong things what are going on around you. So it’s time to say stop! Stop pushing your people into poverty! Stop sending your army to fight against other countries! Stop thinking that another country wants the war and fight against your country! Now it is your chance to be a great person who broke the political crisis and turned everything back to normal and peaceful. Don’t think that your hands are tied! Don’t think it doesn’t depend on you! Don’t think that your power is too weak! Believe me, no one, no Mr. Obama, no Pope, no EU, no US of America can do it. This is your duty and at the moment only you can give the world peace. You have to be aware that if you won’t do it your country will be isolated, your citizens will be hungry and the comparison of your person to Adolf Hitler will be correct. And in the end you will be responsible for starting a 3rd world war! But you must know that after the next world war nobody will be the winner! Nobody! I can show you a lot of points what your country is doing against people on the Earth, every person on the Earth, against every country on the Earth but it is unnecessary because you can see it I hope. So, stop the lies that your army is not fighting against Ukraine! Stop saying that NATO has very aggressive politics against your country! Stop doing propaganda to blind your own people.
Yours sincerely,
a Citizen of the World

P.S. I appeal to any reader of this letter, please share it with your friends. It will be your act of making peace in the world.


2 thoughts on “Can you see what I see? War is too close! Read it, please!

  1. I agree with your raised voice and appreciate. If everyone start thinking like u (author), hopefully peace will reign over the world and soon overcome crisis regarding poverty, political war and inhumanity.

  2. Mr Putin should review the history and learn lesson from their past that aggressive strategies won’t give them success but disgracefulness and weaken their strength and integrity. Mr Putin u can conquer the world with peace not with war

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