About me….

Welcome everyone who is interested in reading about me. I was wondering along what I should to write about me and what would be interesting. In fact I didn’t discover any special things. To introduce myself firstly I could give you my real name but I don’t. Will be absolutely better if you will know me as Mark Crane. This is my nickname and this information have to be enough for you as the reader of me. Thanks for that.

Probably you are interested where I live and for example what is my age but let me leave it close to me; O.K.? Sure it’s O.K. !

I am a normal man I hope. Oh, I forgot to say – I’m the man. I was born here but my parents came from Agadorie I guess although they are never admitted to. If you don’t know yet plenty terrestrials came from the Agadorie. Ones know about it but another don’t.

It is time to say something more personal about me. I like to read books especially science fiction books. My favourite author is Jules Verne.


Jules Gabriel Verne (1828 ā€“ 1905) was a French author who pioneered the science fiction genre in Europe. I admire all people who have incredible talent. I like skiing very much and at this moment I am very sad couldn’t take the time for it. Scuba diving doesn’t have any secrets to me as well. Immerse your body underwater 35 ā€“ 50 meters deep with aqualung it is a very exciting experience. If you never did it you have a reason regret it.

What else more can I tell you about me? Let me think.


One thought on “About me….

  1. Hello Mark Crane or Pilot Prix, not sure. You know I do not speak your language well, however I will try to express my feelings about your new project. You do not know, but I’m a spiritualist, so I believe in the existence of other worlds, other lives and other galaxies, because all it is a divine creation, and I’m glad to know that your project addresses the main theme that is the creation of this vast universe, in which unfortunately men have the ability to destroy it. I end here wishing you much success and again congratulations for the theme that developed was and will always be a great puzzle to be solved by man. Hugs 3rd_Vision.

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