Against the war…

A_bombBefore you start to read this chapter I have a very important thing for you to do. You must drop off from your dictionary one word – war. Can you do it? I know it isn’t easy, but you have to try to do it. You must say it very loud and very clear – word WAR doesn’t exist. Imagine yourself that there are worlds where never ever war persist.

The Agadorie – a planet where war has never existed. The Super Creator, when creating creatures which were to live on planet Agadorie, did know how carnivorous creatures are predatory and invasive. So He decided that his creatures will be of vegetarian nature only.

You can ask me that if on Agadorie no one had any arguments against each other? Of course they had! A lot of arguments. But all of them were solved in a peaceful way. Everybody on our planet are different. Diversity is the most important thing wherever it is. Diversity is a powerful thing which develops everything what you can imagine. I can’t what would happen if everybody were exactly the same. It could be horrible to be one of billion and billion twins. That would be the biggest mistake of our God to make it.

I think it is time to look closer at this unusual place. But remember, traveling to Agadorie you must leave  a lot of your habits after you on Earth. Some habits what is very popular on the Earth doesn’t match for Agadorian’s people at all. For example, you have to forget about jealousy and intolerance, contempt, arrogance and many worse things that our Gods gave us while creating the world’s population.

Instead you will meet yourself with friendliness, honesty and almost unlimited help in all life issues. At the same time to be able to take full enjoy from joining the community of Agadorie you should forget about any divisions in the wide sense. There is no division into social classes, the division of the nations, countries, and everything that divides us. On Agadorie you do not find borders. A division of the country simply does not exist. Every inhabitant chooses a place of residence in accordance with their preferences. Super Creator also took great care that there is only one common language for communication between people. As you can see it’s more than enough to impress.

Did you ever dream to travel anywhere and change your place of life? It is more than likely you did do it even if you don’t admit to this loudly. On Agadorie planet you decide where is your place of living. The ease at which people can change their place of living contributed towards global integration, and that integration contributed towards a dynamic development of technology, technic, science and all branches of life regarding to the arts.

Since when Baogen, one of the remarkable scientist of Agadorie planet invented the engine which allowed the curvature of space, since began the era of exploitation of space. Vehicles of characteristic two tubes on either side of the vehicle started everywhere.

People of Agadorie were very excited about the possibility of travelling on an unprecedented scale. They are based on their experiences to think how fruitful cooperation can be with alien civilizations. But after few a very first travels of the vessel called The Space Eater, their enthusiasm has been cooled and finally everybody agreed to establish a resolution of not disclosing where from they are and not to interference straight in life on other planets.

Travellers left only one thing to do it if they want to improve somebody’s life – just persuasion. Using the persuasion they can to show other people how could their lives be better.

In case to share of technical achievements from Agadorie they can only steer the local engineer’s mind to write for example science – fiction books. Rest of huge job local engineers had to do themselves. They had to find new materials, they had to solve a technical problem and they had to invent how they can do it. A lot of writers of science – fiction genre come from Agadorie planet. The precursor and the first writer who decided to live on Earth was Juvernd, a known philosopher and scholar of Agadorie planet. After arriving on Earth, he took the name of Jules Verne. Currently living on Earth allugarian’ which you can meet are Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas. Unfortunately one of the most successful of the transfer Agadorie ideas was John Lennon who was brutally murdered.

I mentioned only about a few people who are sacrificing or sacrificed own’s life for terrestrials instead to get not too much. You have to know that on Agadorie planet average life expectancy is 145 years in Earth scale. Everyone who moved to Earth they consciously sacrificed their half of life to save the earthlings.

After a lot of travels the allugarian’s have gathered a lot of knowledge about the life on other planets. They encountered different forms of life, beginning on those in the early stages and ending on those with very advanced technology. They saw planets with only animals living on them without any intelligent life forms which are able to construct and use tools. On such planets allugarians have created Holiday Resorts which are very popular resting spots, some of the people even made their homes there and stayed there for good.

The First Truth


Even God makes mistakes…

I should start this chapter with a question. Did you read all previous chapters? If not, you shouldn’t keep reading current part of our story more. Anyway if you want to do it of course you can. I invite you very warmly.

So this chapter will show you what happened on Agadorie planet when on the Earth was only chaos. As you know solar system where Agadorie is located created only one God – Super Creator.

It isn’t nothing strange with that he started his work from the sculpted shape of the ground. He was very generous with modelling mountains. Both hemispheres have very long mountain chains. From plenty places of the mountains squirt water which later are flowing down and after long distance to join each other creating great rivers. At the beginning of any rivers we can see waterfalls where the current really very fast. After that still keeping a stream quite rapid rivers rolls plateaus. And finally the river very slowly flows into the ocean. Alongside these were created forests rich in berries, blueberries and wild mushrooms.

During His huge work he didn’t have to argue with someone even if he wanted to. In fact the Super Creator didn’t like arguments at all. As the super God his aim was to create a globe where would exist only peace. He saw the constant fight to survive between beings on Earth. He tried to understand what reasons had twenty three Gods when they were creating their solar system but he just couldn’t do it. One thing what He saw on the Earth he liked very much. Two-legs and two-arms beings with a vertical position to walk; it seemed to be a very good idea for Him. So He decided to make a copy of it. In summary both kinds of creatures are indistinguishable. Of course physically only at first sight. I won’t beat about the bush. At this point of his work he acted so honourable (with the copying and all, you understand, but even the Gods sometimes admire other ideas and want some for their own) but to create allugarians* he had hoped that will be good.

People* living on Agadorie globe are very honourable as apart from their creator. Probably at this moment you are thinking that I denounce the Super Creator but I don’t intend to do it. You have to know that everyone has weaknesses, even a God. People living on Agadorie planet are incredibly talented. Their talents mind you, it’s not only painting, singing and whatever you can imagine. In my definition of talent they can do everything in the best way. Talent means curiosity to know new objects, talent means stubbornness to do everything, talent means willingness to learn on your own and discover what is unknown. Super Creator deprived allugarians desire for power, He deprived everyone of bloodthirstiness. He taught all of his creatures respect each other. Respect for everything what they are doing, what they are thinking and what they believe. I don’t know which one of their talents is the most important. It is very likely that all skills cumulated together allow keeping Agadorie as a peaceful planet without war, without arguments, without the all known rat race. And last but not least any one of the allugarians knows that everyone can make mistakes. So they learnt to have a discussion when they are not sure about what solution of any problem is the best. Anyway I think that the most important thing is the respect for the other people.

Do you agree with me? If you think different I invite you to discuss about it. I’m waiting for your comments with impatience.

* Allugarian – inhabitant of the Agadorie planet

* People – creatures with intelligence; I hope that means everyone who is able of constructive thinking

The First TruthThe Second Truth

The Second Truth continues …

After this very big impact the Earth was swathed by dust for a many, many centuries. No any ray from Sun reached the Earth’s surface. The atmosphere on globe became very hard to live for any living of creatures and any plants. That wasn’t no difference between days and nights. The average temperature was below 0ºC. On surface almost nonstop were very hard storms with thunders and acid rains. Had to pass almost 2.000.000 years when everything came back to normal.

Afterwards all twenty three Gods called a meeting to discuss what they can to do with this a really nice world. They started to argue among themselves again. Everyone had a different imagination what they should try to do. Believe or not in one point all twenty three Gods had a one voice. They agreed together that Earth as a planet is pretty nice globe so should to be the planet where are living creatures and where exist flora as well. So they started to create plants first. Appeared trees, grass and they don’t forget about flowers. The one God had very big imagination to create flowers. He created a lot kind of flowers. Another God had first voice to create trees. Became trees with leaves, with needles and with fruits. This one of Gods was very inspirited to create different leaf shapes and different type of fruit. So came into being forests and of course very big primeval forests. The biggest problems they had with creating animals. They had a cunning plan for this part of their huge work. All Gods agreed to create blood eating creatures. What a very big mistake that was! Why they did do it? I can tell you! The reason was because they are blood eating Gods! When you are bad one you think that everybody are too. Everybody thinks about another through oneself. All Gods had obsession to see never ending fight of survivor between all creatures. This is their entertainment. The Gods have never had for example cinemas, theatre, books, in fact they had nothing and still they have nothing. One God was very crafty and created animals with small intelligence. He wanted to see his creatures always on the top as a winner. He thought when they will have the opportunity to think they will be to able to defend themselves a lot better than other animals.

With this method He created primogenitors of mankind. It is left only one thing to add. It turned out that not only one God had same idea to create a couple of the more intelligent animals. Plenty of Gods their behind their back created their own races. So that’s how became many different races as we know now; white race; black race; yellow race and much more… From beginning every one of this kind of creature had to fight for survival. They were fighting and still do it protect their lives; they fought to get food; and they fought to defend their territory.

I didn’t forget that I promised to describe what happened on the Agadorie globe during this same time.

But this one of our story will be in the next chapters….

The First TruthThe Second Truth

The Second Truth

A long, long time ago during a next Gods meeting twenty three Gods took up a resolution to create another Solar system with planets circling around one star. But you have to know that creating the next solar system in the immense Universe isn’t easy. To create it even God must have a special plan. This plan has to have plenty information in it. The specifications must include a location where the new Solar system God wants to see, how many planets the new project will have. Will any planet have a moon? How many moons? Will any planet have live creatures? And much, much more. In fact it must describe every last detail. When work is done there will be no way to improve it. For your information if you don’t know yet, any God can create whatever He wants, but only in the beginning phase. Any solar system, any planet and everything what is common with it after creation starts to go with your life. As you can see that isn’t easy and it is taking a lot of years of very hard work. This was a reason why twenty three Gods were involved in it. But on the other hand they were all very lazy Gods and they wanted to have finished their work very quickly so they divided this gigantic amount of work between themselves.

When twenty three Gods were half of work through they began to argue with each other and they never agreed together.

The thing is that when the Gods created Earth, they forgot to add a very important thing inside the globe. They didn’t put a molten metal core in the centre of the globe. This mistake was very fatal. Without this huge core gravitation force on the surface of the earth was very weak and any plant didn’t have restriction when growing up, so they were very huge and very high. If you would see Earth at this moment you could peer on gigantic trees, unbelievable plants some over 35 feet high. Animals became very big as well. Everywhere you could see many kinds of them with their unexpected huge bodies. Some animals were almost 46 feet high. When Gods took notice what happened it was too late to do something with it. As you know even God can’t improve anything when the work is done. Twenty three Gods didn’t know what to do. But they had to do something. They called their congregation and after two years’ discussions they still didn’t have a solution. One God was very impatient; when next two years’ passed without any result he wasn’t able to bare more unproductive talk so he took a huge piece of metal and tossed it with huge impact towards Earth. His intention was to destroy Earth in his rage but he took a piece too small or his strength was not enough. Nobody knows. When this huge missile reached the surface of the Earth it dug in our globe into the centre. I forgot to mention that this bullet had a huge rotational force. The additional effect of this action Earth had gotten more mass and its gravitation became as we know now. As you probably assumed that was the reason why every gigantic animal we call dinosaurs today stopped to exist. Does it sound weird or not? If you want you can read about it in scientific periodicals.

For the end of this part of my blog I invite you to a discussion. What do you think, what is the second truth is after you read this part of our story?

The first truth continuesThe Second Truth

The First Truth continues…

As you know now The Super Creator made a new world. You are probably interested where this world is. It is not that easy to explain. However I can try to.

If you look at the sky at night and turn your gaze straight to constellation Perseus where you can see the biggest star; called Mirfak by humans. I mentioned this star because the world created by Super Creator is after this star. Distance from Earth to the New World is 756 light years. In Baogen’s scale it is about 10 minutes journey. Baogen scale is the God measure scale. One unit of Baogen scale consists 520 ly. And for your information you can cover the distance of one unit by a Space Eater in ten minutes so it is not too far.

My World was created not long time ago so there was no time for development. The Super Creator knew that and after thinking he made a very nice and very useful globe. If you have ever been on the Earth it is a very likely that my world could be in your favour. Around the globe you can see two continents. Each one is a very big land. North-West continent and South-East one. The North-West reaches North Pole and The South-East reaches South-Pole. Each continent has a lot of forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and of course plains. In comparison to the Earth where is only one sun this one has two suns. First sun, the biggest sun is giving the light of the day. His energy is strong enough to bring heat to warm up the planet surface and enough bright light to make all things visible without any additional devices. The second star is much, much smaller and its light has a blue colour. This one is giving the light of the night. It’s glow has a very nice blue light with quite warm rays. This is an effect to be reached by combining from reflection lights of first star and of the little ones. An additional feature of its light is having (at night) difference of colour than in the day. For example red colour has changed in dark purple colour, real blue colour in the day is a modification on dark green colour at night but green colour is a variation of navy colour. It all together composes a very nice scenery.  Any stranger who is invited this planet are excited and inspired by its structure.  So if you’ll want to get to my World you have to use two kinds of conveyance. One it is of course the Space Eater (a very fast form of  transport as you know now) but it is very probable that you don’t have it. Don’t be worried, you can use another one – your imagination, very powerful and very useful  mean. I am sure when you join us you’ll never regret your decision.

The rest of the planet surface is covered by ocean. Ocean – is similar like on the Earth. Super Creator made the ocean of sweet water. In fact around my World you don’t have salt water. All kinds of water are enough density to keep your body on the surface. If you’ll want to explore underwater you should use additional weight.

Time to present what kind of living creatures are living there….

…. in next part….

The First TruthThe Second Truth

The First Truth

The World by another God.

This is the world created by another God. This is the truth. Nothing less nothing more. Around The Earth we can see only evil. Everything what is going on here is inspirited by money, envy, dishonesty, imbecility, psychopathy and much, much more….

I discovered an another World. My World is created by a different  God. My God is called The Super Creator. In fact he is the only one. Compare it to our Earth, there are lots of Gods, for example Muslim’s God, Christian’s God, Asian’s God. These Gods are big and powerful. There are also a massive quantity of small ones. These all Gods created the Earth firstly before thinking forward. When they did it they started thinking. The question was, what did we do? But it was too late to improve. Everything what was built immediately was destroyed by creatures that live there.

In my World there is only ONE God. I don’t know if that is good or bad. But I know one thing. This is absolutely The Most Important Thing. My God is different than I have ever known.

Somebody can ask me what is the first thing different ? I can tell you! I don’t know. But there is a difference. Someday The Super Creator decided to create an another Word. He saw Earth, he also saw a lot of planets outside the Solar System. He watched the Mars,  the Venus and he looked at Jupiter as well. But creating a death planet isn’t very inspiring. Because my God is The Super Creator he decided to create The World with creatures.

To be continued…

The First Truth continues…